Welcome to GlenW’s Place on the Web!

Today, I uploaded this WordPress theme, imported the stock demo content, and did a little bit of customizing. All of the posts an images you see are just generic fillers acting as placeholders and templates for me as I learn to edit and format the site’s content. I’ll be posting some items of personal interest soon. Patience is a virtue.

My logo was lifted from some site that told the story of the George Washington Bridge which spans the Hudson River between Fort Lee, NJ and Manhattan Island in New York City. Traffic reporters commonly refer to this center of congestion as the GW Bridge. When I was working in my native state of New Jersey, one of my coworkers had taken on the role of assigning nicknames to everyone. Since my initials were GW, they naturally ended up calling me The Bridge, and I can tell you that’s not the worst nickname that was ever assigned. Anyway, I’ve always had an affinity for the GW Bridge since that’s the route we always took when we went into the city, and it’s really quite impressive, especially to a young boy!